Who we Are

Cotton, the world's most important natural fibre, is fed by the Manchester of South India, Coimbatore, by the cotton fields surrounding in and around Coimbatore.

It is said to be the 'House' of a large number of small, medium and large textile mills, and we 'Coimbatore Textile Suppliers (CTS)' are said to be the 'House of Tex Spares'.

"Coimbatore Textile Suppliers" was established in the year 1980 as the Manufacturer, Supplier and most importantly a trusted supplier for Exporter's in textile machinery spares and equipments.

SUGO Industries is the sister concern of CTS.

What we DO

Our Company is focused on sourcing consumables for Textile Mills in India and worldwide

For more than 3 decades we are extremely known for supplying durable textile components, accessories to textile machineries.

We are Trusted

Because of

  • Timely Delivery
  • Our committment towards Quality
  • Comfort Level
  • Special customization's
  • Best Possible Price

How we DO

Our Motto : Best Quality @ Best Price

We procure, quality textile machinery spares at reliable price to exceed our customer expectations.

Uncompromising in the quality of products and services level has been our policy since the beginning of our establishment.

We are well known in the textile industry as we strive hard to accomplish our motto - Best Quality @ Best Price.

Contact US :
Mobile: +91-9994492790
Email: sales@houseoftexspares.com


Our Founder

The founder of our company, Mr. N.Natarajan, CTS as he is better known as, has a keen understanding of Textile machineries and their working mechanisms.

His efficient customer handling, scheduling and forecasting has led to a much higher customer satisfaction

His honesty, dedication, sincerity, hard work was awarded as the President of 'Textile Machinery Mill Stores Merchant Association (TMMSMA) for 2 years. His contributions to TMMSMA is numerous.

Our team comprises of very Skilled, Experienced and Dedicated persons

Our Reach

Our Sales showroom is our own premise and is located in the Heart of the City.





  • TMMSMA - Textile Machinery Mill Stores Merchant Association.



What we recommend


Quality Textile Spares is available in CTS.


Quality Textile Spares is available in CTS.


Quality Textile Spares is available in CTS.